Saturday 25 June 2016

The Scots

While seeing on T.V. that Scotland may choose to remain in the EU, I was reminded of this incident which happened when I was a Judge of the Supreme Court.

A team of British High Court Judges, led by the Lord Chief Justice of England, had come to Delhi, and they were invited to a function. There I was introduced to a certain Justice Macdonald, and I asked him whether he was Scottish. He laughed and said he was, and then said he wanted to tell me of an incident.

Hehad been invited to Calcutta, where in a party he was introduced to a certian Mr. Campbell, whose ancestors had come from Scotland to India about 200 years ago, and they had settled down in India. Perhaps Mr. Campbell had never been to Scotland or England.

When Justice Macdonald extended his hand to Mr. Campbell, saying thai he too was Scottish, Mr. Campbell refused to shake his hand, and said " I have never shaken hand with a Macdonald in my life, and I never will "

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