Sunday 5 June 2016

Some humour about Jats

The Jat stir has again started, and I have been asked to comment on it. But instead of doing so, I may tell some humorous stories about Jats.

These are all in lighter vein, and not to disparage or insult Jats in any way. I have many Jat friends, and have found them wonderful and good people. I have a high opinion of Jats. So take all these as jokes

1. When I was a Judge of Allahabad High Court, I was also Administrative Judge of Meerut and Baghpat.

Once on an inspection tour I was travelling on a car from Meerut to Baghpat, accompanied by the District Judge, Meerut.. The car was going on a narrow path in the countryside, when from the opposite direction came a tractor, laden with sugar cane and driven by a young man. When the tractor came near my car the young man on it started shouting at us. I asked the District Judge what wrong had we done which made the young man shout at us  ?. The District Judge replied " We did nothing wrong, My Lord. Don't mind it . He is a Jat. Jats  talk like this ".

2.  There is a saying in Hindi : ' Jat mara jaaniye, jab terihi ho jaye '

3. There is another saying : " Jat kahe sun Jatini. Isi gaon mein rehna

  Billee oonth le gayi, to ' haan ji, haan ji ' kehna "

4.  Shravan Kumar's aged parents wanted to go on a pilgrimage. So he put each parent in a basket and tied each basket to an end of a bamboo pole, which he shouldered while on the pilgrimage.

However, as soon as he entered Meerut, he threw down the pole, and told his parents " I am a young man, and want to enjoy life. Why should I waste my life serving you ? "

His father said " Son, you have been good enough to carry us till here. Only carry us a short distance more till we cross the border of Meerut. Then you can leave us. "

Shravan Kumar then picked up the pole and as soon as he crossed the border of Meerut he recovered his senses, and told his parents " I am sorry Mataji and Pitaji. I lost my senses on entering Meerut. Forgive me. Now I am normal again,and will take you on the pilgrimage "

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