Saturday 25 June 2016

Mad Parsi

I have the highest respect for Parsis, who though a tiny community in India, have made a great contribution to the country in the fields of law, business, armed forces, etc. So they may forgive me for this joke on them ( I heard it from someone, and it is not my own creation ).

Once the great lawyer Seervai, who was a Parsi, was walking down a corridor of the Supreme Court. Mr. C.K. Daphtary another distinguished lawyer( who became Attorney General of India ), was s...tanding at one place in the corridor with some of his juniors.

Daphtary, though himself a very senior lawyer, was junior to Seervai in practice. When Seervai came near him Daphtary bowed his head and said respectfully " Good morning Sir ".

Seervai ignored him and silently walked past.

Then Daphtary said to his juniors " All Parsis are mad, but he is a mad Parsi "

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