Monday 6 June 2016

Abolish ban on cow slaughter and beef eating

I have repeatedly said that there is nothing wrong in eating beef. Almost the whole world eats it---America, Europe, Africa, Arab countries, China, Japan, Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand letc. In many of our own states beef is eaten, e.g. Kerala, Goa, North Eastern states, and West Bengal.

So are these beef eaters all wicked people, and we alone are sadhu sants ?

And how can a cow be gomata ? Can an animal be a mother of a human being ? Does it carry any sense ? A cow is just another animal, like a horse or goat.

Some people say that it is a matter of sentiments for Hindus.

But similarly, some Muslims say that Sharia and burqa are matters of sentiments for Muslims.
 In my opinion, these are all sentiments based on stupidity, and we should not bother about , or pamper sentiments based on stupidity.

 I call for repeal of laws banning cow slaughter and eating beef., just as I call for enactment a Uniform Civil Code and abolition of burqa.

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