Saturday 4 June 2016

Secularism cannot be a one way traffic.

Taslima Nasreen bravely raised her voice against atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh after demolition of Babri Masjid, but unfortunately Indian Muslims did not.

When atrocities were committed against Kashmiri Pandits, I told a Muslim friend of mine in Allahabad that I always condemn atrocities on Muslims, so he should condemn the atrocities on KPs. He asked how he can do it ? I said you just write a letter to the editor of a local news...paper, and I will get it published, but he never did. 

And many Kashmiri Muslims instead of condemning the behaviour of some of their own community, who behaved like barbarians by attacking KPs, shamelessly blamed Jagmohan for the exodus of KPs who were hounded out from the valley.

Many Muslims condemn atrocities on Muslims in the Middle East, but what about atrocities on Hindus, Christians, Ahmediyas, and other minorities nearer home in Pakistan ? Most of them conveniently turn a Nelson's eye to that.

All atrocities must be condemned, not just atrocities against Muslims. Secularism cannot be a one way traffic.

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