Monday 6 June 2016


Tomorrow, 7th June, the Holy month of Ramzan will begin in India ( it began on 6th June in some other countries ).

My heartiest Ramzan greetings to all my Muslim brothers and sisters ( and others too )

As I had stated in an earlier post, since many years I have been keeping one day roza during Ramzan. This is as a token of solidarity with my Muslim brethren. Last year I observed it on 4th July in California, USA, and I persuaded many non Muslims in America and also to observe it. From about 4.15 in the early morning to about 8 p.m. in the evening we were without liquids or food ( see about it on Youtube ).

This year I have appealed to non Muslims all over the world to observe roza on the last Friday of 
Ramzan, which is on 1st July.

Please ask some Muslim friend to tell you the time of sehri and iftaar, and observe the fast strictly.
Keeping one day roza by non Muslims during Ramzan is one of the antidotes which is being administered to wipe out the communal poison which was injected into our body politic for long, first by the British, and then by others.

I also appeal to non Hindus to keep one day fast during Navratri

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