Friday 17 June 2016

Modi's visit to the Allahabad High Court
I checked up with some Judges of Allahabad High Court, including the Acting Chief Justice of the High Court Justice V.K. Shukla, about the Prime Minister's recent visit to the High Court, and this is what they told me :
The Allahabad High Court had invited the Prime Minister amongst many other dignitaries, for its 150th anniversary celebrations held in March 2016. The Prime Minister, though invited, could not come due to some other commitment, but other dignitaries like the President of India, Chief Justice of India, some Supreme Court Judges, etc attended.
Later, when the Prime Minister was to visit Allahabad ( for the National Executive meeting of the BJP ) in June, he sent a message to the Acting Chief Justice, Justice V.K. Shukla (under whose father I had worked for some time as his junior when I was a very young lawyer ) that he was sorry he could not attend the celebrations due to other commitments, but as he was coming to Allahabad in June, he would like to come to the High Court too. The Acting Chief Justice then invited him, and he came, met the Judges, then the lawyers, and went to the High Court museum. In all he spent less then half an hour in the High Court.
No one touched his feet, though some Judges took selfies.
The whole matter, according to these Judges with whom I spoke, has been blown out of proportion by the media

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