Wednesday 29 June 2016

Uniform Civil Code

To all supporters of Sharia I ask :

Where were the Muslims when the British abolished the Sharia criminal law ( e.g. stoning a woman to death for adultery, cutting off a thief's hand, etc ) and replaced it by the Indian Penal Code ? Did they rise up in revolt against the British in protest ?

Where were they when the British abolished Sharia in the tenancy laws in rural areas, and substituted a common code for all in the matter of inheritance, etc ? Were you cowards then ?

The British abolished 75% of Sharia as stated above. No one protested then.

But when it comes to abolition of the remaining 25% which contains the obnoxious discrimination against women e.g. oral talaq, you suddenly become brave.

If Muslims wish to move forward and improve their lives, they must destroy the hold of the reactionary, feudal minded Maulanas who objected to even the progressive humanitarian Shahbano judgment, saying it is against Sharia, and try to maintain their hold on the Muslim masses for their vested interests and vote bank politics.

A uniform civil code, as in all modern countries, is a must for all Indians

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