Monday 27 June 2016

Indian politicians

Marx's description of the unscrupulous French politician Adolphe Thiers ( 1797-1877 ), who planned the massacre of the people of Paris in 1871 in a sea of blood, accurately describes most of our own Indian politicians :

" That monstrous gnome-- consistent only in his greed for wealth, having entered his first ministry, under Louis Philippe, poor as Job, left it a millionaire. His last ministry under the same king (of March 1, 1840) exposed him to public taunts of peculation in the Chamber of Deputies, to which he was content to reply by tears – a commodity he deals in as freely as Jules Favre, or any other crocodile. At Bordeaux, his first measure for saving France from impending financial ruin was to endow himself with three millions a year.

A master in small state roguery, a virtuoso in perjury and treason, a craftsman in all the petty strategems, cunning devices, and base perfidies of parliamentary warfare; never scrupling, when out of office, to fan a revolution, and to stifle it in blood when at the helm of the state; with class prejudices standing him in the place of ideas, and vanity in the place of a heart; his private life as infamous as his public life is odious – even now, when playing the part of a French Sulla, he cannot help setting off the abomination of his deeds by the ridicule of his ostentation. "

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