Saturday 7 February 2015

A La Lanterne
Started reading the book ' Toward the Brink ' by Claude Manceron. It is about conditions in France in the years immediately before the French Revolution of 1789.
 India is also on the brink. The Constitution of 1950 and the system created by it ( which was partly the earlier British system ) has exhausted itself, and now India has entered a very turbulent and chaotic period in our history, which probably will last for a long time, maybe 15-20 years.
 India's present political leaders are mostly an incorrigible set of rogues, rascals, looters and gangsters ( many of them having criminal antecedents and charges ) who should have been executed long ago. But don't worry, their time is soon coming

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  1. Sir, very strong words. But if the exitpolls about Delhi elections come true, then I feel the contours of Indian politics is going to change for good. There is hope.