Friday 20 February 2015

Comments on my posts on Kejriwal

Many persons have furiously attacked me through their comments on my previous posts regarding Arvind Kejriwal, some even abusing or insulting me, calling me insane, asking how such a person could have been appointed a Supreme Court Judge ?, etc, etc.

 Well, I am quite accustomed to abuses, vituperations, vilification and insults on the social media ( just as some people cannot do without hurling them ), but what do these people have to say about my three posts about Kejriwal on my facebook page and my blog (1) The Reality about  Arvind  Kejriwal, (2) Corruption and Kejriwal, and (3) Once again on the Aam Admi Party ? My article ' India in Transition and Corrupt ' may also be read in this connection.

 In these articles I have given detailed reasons for the view I have expressed about Kejriwal. If my reasoning is incorrect, please point out where and how ? But hurling invective, insults, vituperations and abuses, without giving rational arguments,has no effect on me, and is to no avail, rather it exposes the sub standard intellects and parenting of those who indulge in it..


  1. Wherever you are referring to your previous blog post,it would be helpful if the title is made a hyperlink.Readers would just click on it to go to the post easily without searching.

  2. katju sahib u r a wise man.kejriwal acting like nero.when his party is burning and breaking he went off to bangalore.what a joker