Monday 2 February 2015

The Chief Justice and the beautiful film actress

When I was Chief Justice of Madras High Court one evening a beautiful film actress, all decked up, came to meet me at my residence, after taking an appointment through my private secretary ( I will not mention any detail as that may identify her ). After conversing with me for about half an hour, she left, saying that she would like to come to meet me again.
  I wondered after she left why she had come to meet me. I do not regard myself as a particularly handsome man, ( though some ladies may think otherwise !). However, I was subsequently informed that she had several litigations in the Courts of Tamilnadu, and perhaps wanted me to help her in those.
 I told my private secretary that if she ever telephoned again seeking an appointment it should be politely refused on some pretext. I did not want to get a reputation of being a Chief Justice who flirts with beautiful film actresses !

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