Thursday 26 February 2015

Interview by Times Now channel

I am in California i U.S.A..
 Last night ( which is the morning of the next day in India ) I was interviewed on Skype by Times Now channel regarding Zaibunnisa Kazi;s case.
 I said that clearly grave miscarriage of justice by the Indian Supreme Court  has been committed in her case ( see my blogs on Zaibunnisa Kazi on ).
 Zaibunnisa was one of the co-accused in the 1993 Bombay blast case but she was acquitted on the main charge of being a part of the conspiracy. What she was found guilty of, however, was having illegal weapons in her possession, and she was awarded a sentence of 5 years imprisonment.
 I had carefully studied the evidence and judgment in her case. The judgment was clearly incorrect, as it was said to be based on the retracted confession of a co-accused, Manzur. This itself was a very weak evidence, but a careful perusal of Manzur's deposition shows that nowhere has Manzur said so. Hence in fact Zaibunnisa has been convicted on no evidence, and this is also stated by Mr. Shanti Bhushan, a very senior lawyer of the Supreme Court ( and former Union Law Minister ) in his certificate with the curative petition, which i have quoted in an earlier post.
 Zaibunnisa had earlier been arrested and spent 9 months in jail, before being released on bail. After the judgment of the Supreme Court she has been rearrested, and is in jail.  She is 73 years old. She has had a kidney operation, and has other ailments, and can hardly walk. I fear she will not come out alive from jail.
 I am in touch with her daughter Shagufta at Shagufta needs all your support, as she has been fighting a lonely battle for her mother's release.
 I have been making appeals for her release to the concerned authorities, but as yet have been unsuccessful.
 Times Now channel is not available on my T.V. here so will someone please send me a link of my interview by messaging it to me on my facebook page or on my email id

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