Monday 16 February 2015

Seeking a Messiah
Most Indians love to be befooled and taken for a ride by a ' Sapnon ka Saudagar ' ( a seller of dreams ), a Messiah who will lead them into a land of milk and honey.
 Before Independence in 1947 one ' Sapnon ka Saudagar ' sold the dream of a separate country, Pakistan, to the Muslims, and a large number of Muslims ( including educated Muslims ) blindly and stupidly followed him, saying ' Pakistan or perish ', that is, Pakistan must be created, or let India perish.
 In 1971 another ' Sapnon ka Saudagar ' said ' Gharibi hatao ', and  like children following the Pied Piper of Hamelin most Indians followed that  selfish,power crazy person, who had nothing in her except her arrogance that she belongs to India's ruling dynasty.
 In May 2014 yet another ' Sapnon ka Saudagar ' gave the slogan ' vikas ', which promised millions of jobs to Indian youth, but all they got was a big 'thenga'.
And now the latest ' Sapnon ka Saudagar ', this Messiah who will lead first Delhiites, and then all Indians, into a land of milk and honey, has appeared in February, 2015, like Lord Krishna who will  now tell Arjuna ( the Indian people ) what they should do, or like Shankar Bhagwan, who will save the young Markandey from the clutches of Yamaraj.
 So Indian people, keep behaving as stupidly as you have been doing till now, keep following some ' Sapnon ka Saudagar ', and when you are fed up of one, choose another. Don't tax your own brains ( provided you have any ) for solving your problems..


  1. wow -true
    Jab Hukumat Ko badlte dekhe
    Bewaqoof aadmi khush hota hai

  2. This sounds highly megalomaniac :)

  3. Criticism is nt the solution sir, sitting in foreign country n criticisi g nation n its people nt a good idea sir ji

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