Thursday 12 February 2015

The Reality about Arvind Kejriwal

It took only 9 months for Narendra Modi from being very popular in India in May 2014 to becoming extremely unpopular ( as the Delhi Assembly elections have conclusively proved ) in February 2015. I submit that it will take an even lesser time for Arvind Kejriwal from being very popular to becoming highly unpopular.

Why do I say this ? For the same reason as applied to Modi, that is, promising the moon, but delivering little.

 Kejriwal's main plank, borrowed from Anna Hazare's agitation, was honesty. Leaving aside Mr. Shanti Bhushan's allegation against him, Kejriwal, apart from taking some superficial measures like suspending some babus, will never be able to implement his programme of integrity in administration ( see my article ' India in Transition and Corrupt ' on my blog ).

 This is because politicians can only make schemes and policies, but it is the bureaucracy which has to implement them, and unfortunately the bureaucracy in India has largely become corrupt. So even good schemes like MNREGA become sources of making money.

Kejriwal is not stupid. He knows that if he seriously tries to eliminate corruption he will create so many enemies that they will gang up against him and destroy him. So he will do nothing of the sort. He will pay only lip service to eliminating corruption, and take only a few cosmetic, superficial steps in that direction, knowing that if he goes beyond that he will certainly land up in deep trouble.
But then people of Delhi will ask : what has happened to your promise to eliminate corruption ? And this will soon start making him unpopular. Public opinion is fickle.

 Of course Kejriwal may make some slight dent in the electricity and water problems of the people of Delhi, which is indeed a major problem for them, and one of the main reasons why they voted for him. But here too it will not be smooth sailing. After all, electricity is supplied by private companies, which work for profit, not charity. If electricity bills are halved, as Kejriwal has promised, will they run on losses ?

 Moreover, even assuming Kejriwal is personally honest, where is the guarantee that the other AAP MLAs and other partymen will also be the same ?

 As regards the major problems of poverty, unemployment, price rise, malnutrition, healthcare and good education, I am afraid Kejriwal has no clue how to solve them. Of course he has promised many more schools and hospitals, but which politician does not promise the moon ?

 I have carefully studied Kejriwal's speeches and writings, and have come to the conclusion that there is nothing in the man, just as there is nothing in Rahul Gandhi or Modi. Kejriwal has no scientific ideas about how to solve the massive problems facing the Indian people.

 People of Delhi voted for AAP in February, 2015  because they were disgusted with BJP and Modi and wanted a change, just as Indians voted for Modi in May 2014 because they were disgusted with Congress and wanted a change.

It took just 9 months, from May 2014 to February 2015, for the public mood to swing from one extreme to another for Modi. I predict that the pendulum will take even lesser time for Kejriwal

 What is there in Kejriwal ? I think he is only a demagogue, who has no real solution to the peoples' problems, as people will themselves realize after some time. They have only exchanged one Sapnon ka Saudagar ( seller of dreams ) for another.

 I read Kejriwal's book ' Swaraj '. In that book Kejriwal says that we must transfer power from Delhi to the gram panchayats and mohalla panchayats. This is sentimental nonsense. Everyone with even a little knowledge of realities knows that most of such panchayats are hotbeds of petty caste politics and centres of corruption. It is general knowledge that officials ( or their kith and kin ) of gram panchayats have illegally grabbed most of the gram sabha land, which was meant for public use of the villagers ( as pointed out by me in my judgment in the Supreme Court in Jagpal Singh vs. State of Punjab, 2011, which may be seen online ), and often do all kinds of other misdeeds for the benefit of themselves or their kith and kin..


  1. u went too far in saying that he only intends to pay lip service to eliminating corruption. How can u know? However if he has to do that as a option of last resort..thats different thing. I agree wid his sentimental nonsense thing...thats why i am too skeptical. I also agree wid d opinion that there is a dearth of politicians wid rational scientific ideas nd solutions....And why not?!?..we r more influenced by charm nd emotions, we have little knowledge of how system works so we therefore cant judge any1 on that basis. I have observed that u r very pessimistic regarding corruption. Now, I am nobody compared to u. U r a retired supreme court judge, probably acquainted wid inner workings of govt..I am unemployed IT engineer due to my mental illness - so I have a reason to be sad nd worried regarding d future of my nation.

  2. Sir, how do u justify the achievements, prrorogatives, weaknesses of a baby that hasn't taken birth yet?

  3. It seems you just want to troll everyone for attention, I noticed your earlier post about Kejriwal, then on Modi, then on Indian youth, then on NRIs and now back on Kejriwal. Such posts might provide you some attention, probably some space in the newspaper if they are running low on material, but soon you will be ignored.

    Please guide the new generation with your wisdom. You should tell solutions not showing problems. Everyone knows there are problems in everything and everywhere. People are just trying to solve them by different methods. Every method again has some flaws, that everyone knows. We don't need another person telling us about the flaws, but to show us a better way.

  4. Why are you so pessimistic (ALMOST ALWAYS)

  5. It's really to early to start predicting about the future of Kejriwall and the people of Delhi based on conjectures and surmises. We all know it's very difficult for kejriwal to ensure hundred percent delivery on his promises.but let's give him some time and see as to how he fights against odds. If he demonstrates his genuine fighting spirit and is able to deliver even half of what he has promises,the people of Delhi will be a happy lot. Let's wish kejriwal all success in his endeavour at this juncture.

  6. I am a bit confused ... you asked in one of your posts before election to vote for AAP ( and now once they are elected you are writing them off ??? !!! Is it not misleading your readers ?? Should we believe in anything you write ?? !!

  7. Dear Katju Maharaj,

    Since I have heard so many interesting stories from you, I thought I should also narrate a story. It is inspired from the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and I thought you might find it interesting. In fact, I request you to post this story on your blog.

    Once upon a time, there was a country which was full of problems. In this country there was a jungle, into which came a person, Pied Piper of Gujarat, who huffed and puffed and promised the animals that he will solve all their problems. In despair, and fed up of the state of affairs they trusted him, and took to his following. However, soon they realized that they have been taken for a ride. Among the animals there was a gorilla, who realized that things have gone too far, and the animals of the jungle should take things into their own hands if they want to set things right. He did exactly that, he and his group of friends took on the establishment and became a symbol of people who made an attempt to do something positive, instead being armchair critics. The animals of the jungle loved this, and they gave the gorilla their full support.

    Now in a nearby jungle called Allahabad, their was a Pied Piper, whom we shall call the Pied Piper of Allahabad. This gentleman came into news with a sting. He really stirred up controversy, by speaking his mind. In those days, the jungle was full of conformists, even though everyone was fed up of a lot of things, no one really spoke up. As a consequence, when the Pied Piper of Allahabad recklessly and brashly spoke his mind, the animals in the jungle were really awed and admired him.

    It so happened, that after the animals in the jungle gave the gorilla their support, the Pied Piper of Allahabad started to feel, perhaps, a bit left out. So now he started a barrage of pessimistic posts on his blog, on how the gorilla is destined to fail, without even giving the gorilla a chance to perform. Of course, as always, he never had any constructive suggestions to give. Now even though the animals in the jungle were quite foolish, they were sufficiently smart to take the pessimism of the Pied Piper of Allahabad with a pinch of salt. They knew he is a well wishing nice guy who is concerned about the well being of the country, and so they chose to ignore his pessimism and apply their minds to help the gorilla achieve his mission.

    I hope you liked the story.


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  8. 17000 teachers and 500 schools will require at least 50,000 crores and 1000 crores annually.
    Mohalla Sabhas seem to have been given all powers with no accountability. (If i were a mafia thekedar, I would eliminate my competition by getting my gang to speak against rival thekedars at mohalla sabhas so they are not paid; and also breaking the heads of those who complain against me after such sabhas have dispersed, to serve as an example for future complainants)
    Giving water connections to all no matter where they reside. OMG some unscrupulous lawyers must already be thinking of the ways this can be used to show adverse possession.
    Use of Genetic Medicine. Hmmm... considering the field still needs 10 years to be truly considered, isn't it ludicrous to mention in a five year assembly.
    All in all a big thanks to Google search, I have got peace of mind by reading Justice. Katju's views as they echo mine entirely. I have just finished reading the AAP 2015 manifesto an hour ago, and I am very dissapointed to say the least. Looks like a modern version of Parkash SIngh Badal, Devi Lal or Karunanidhi...

  9. It is Generic and not Genetic! You got it horribly wrong!

    1. ok... fair enough, the genetic point has been amended to generic in the 2015 manifesto; but you did have a large explanation about genetic medicine in 2013 manifesto. but on further healthcare talk, you guys say another 20,000 government jobs will be created. If you add the various naukris, then it comes to around 1 lakh people. Who is going to foot the 300 crores salary bill? Populist measures result in bankruptcy like it has in Punjab.

  10. Katju sir i personally contradict yout comment on kejriwal that he is not scientific in ideas. Being a delhi voter i infer that delhi was frustrated after 15 years reign of congress. After that it has opened ways for bjp to enter this combat. Beibg new in politics kejriwal did not get enough majority. Hence he slipped by. But even after so misguides by bjp in delhi for 9 months it did never appealed for elections. But late comes true hence thereis. This time he presented his agenda criticizing others and we are affirm that he will do in benefit of us and benefit of this nation too.

  11. u proved so right sir,kuthey bilyao ke tharrha ladrehe hain salley aur ye kegriwal nero ki tarha naturopathy le raha hai.

  12. Sir
    so far as your point on popularity of Kejriwal and corruption is concerned here is my reply... what Kejriwal prommised was an Utopian society! But reality is different from romanticism. Kejriwals good intentions are not doubted. he entered politics with high morals and good intentions but soon he got acquainted to reality of active politics. To become a great leader in politics and run a government, what one requires is good managerial skills. if one fails to manage and keep the people of different characters and principles, it becomes difficult for the person to retain the position one has acquired (this is what seems to be failure of Kejriwal so far as current position of AAP is considered). Here is Kejriwal different from Modi. Modi is good at managing people. Unlike Modi, Kejriwal is not much experienced in active politics and he is still in the process of facing new challenges everyday in politics and becoming familiar to it. so it would be unjust for both Kejriwal and Modi to compare them with each other and conclude to give the similar fate. The AAP and Kejriwal are still in transition period and both need their own time to grow in politics. this will be too early to judge them.
    so far as governance is concerned, politics should be kept separated from running a government. politics is a means to what a government is an end. what we the people are concerned with is end result. we are less bothered to how the political parties are run than to what is delivered to us by a government. water problem, electricity, i believe are more popular amongst the voters in delhi than the corruption...the solving of these issues provide benefits sooner than the curbing corruption. And so far as such fancy promises are delivered sidelining or non performance over corruption issues will not make him unpopular as said by you

  13. Mr. Justice Katuju, like everyone I too agree you are over pessimistic. We still have not become an Iraq or Pakistan or Syria where men and women are cut like carrots and vegetables by the evil minded forces taking the name of religion. Sorry to say but both the rebels and dictator who is ruling the country made more mess. But if those countries Libya, Yemen, Egypt and some parts of gulf do some reform and major changes in their political structure with determination, there is no reason they cannot prosper. They have huge natural resource in form of oil and less population which makes easier to manage and govern.

    In a gigantic country like India I am afraid it is not easy and currently with its political structure, most difficult country to manage in world. More than anything people die of hunger here in India. You see the statistics millions of kids before age 5 die due to lack of medical service, hunger, poverty, disease and malnutrition. A country which cannot provide basic to its citizen let alone luxurious and equal rights and big things written in constitution that country deserved to be booed down for failing to provide basics to its people whereas in real it has 70% people poor.

    India manipulated its below poverty line index which it says has 33 Rs per day earning to become above poverty line and still it has 30% extreme poor. According to international standard a person needs to fee nutritious food or mean to its family in a day to go above BPL. In 33 RS can anyone feed nutritious food. A 1 litre milt itself cost 50 RS. This is breakfast, what about lunch, dinner? And adding to shame India government boast of its GDP of 6% growth. GDP is turnover of sales in manufacturing and service which only few industrialist go.

    Like you katuju I have studied India just on macro level and see that it has structural issues.. political structure issues. They will make 1000 plans but unless you put best people in best government jobs they wont implement those policies and it will be lost in the middle via massive corruption. Corruption in India increased over past decade.

    India is in such political mess that is struggling to provide basic to its citizen. You are right there will be a political or civil chaos in India. I foresee people coming on streets in 5-10 years to uproot the current system of India where decision making because of its complicated structure where its opposition keep checks but in real they do politics for self interest to ignore reforms.

    One politician in west said currently India has become one gutter because of the politicians and administrators in India and the rulers of this gutter wants to keep India the same way to rule them and enjoy the honey. It is the mindset.

  14. Do you think bringing Jury system in courts, Right to Recall on elected candidates and major position in govt offices like Mayor, DC, Police station in-charge etc would actually reduce corruption in bureaucracy ??


  15. Arvind Kejriwal is currently gotten in another debate.
    CM Arvind Kejriwal his against debasement arrangements, daughter gotten red handedly.

    Arvind kejriwal daughter doing inducement

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