Wednesday 4 February 2015

The Most Important Problems

The most important problems in the world today are not in the field of the natural sciences but in the field of social sciences, especially economics.
 In other words, the most important problems in the world today are not how to find some new particle of matter, or how to travel to Mars or how to discover some new cure for cancer. These are no doubt important.
 But more important than them are how to solve the problems of poverty, unemployment, recession, malnutrition, healthcare and good education for the masses---- problems which are plaguing 75-80% population of the world, problems which are the most pressing for resolution
 Unfortunately, there is a lot of unscientific humbug which is taught and written in economics, even in well known institutions like Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, etc.I am never impressed by these high sounding names. A lot of fools are products of these institutions.
 For example, I do not have a high opinion of Amartya Sen. I will not call him a fool, but I do regard him as a mediocre, unoriginal thinker, who has been hyped up by his getting the Nobel Prize.  It is well known that Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine are genuine, but those in Peace, Literature and Economics are usually controversial, and often a joke

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  1. Your opinion is right but according to my opinion Pollution is the most biggest problem. Poor are the one who suffers the most because of the pollution because we use R.O. but how can they afford that. and many other problems are there.
    From: Querease