Monday 2 February 2015

The party is over

The latest opinion poll on the Delhi elections conducted by ABP News Nielsen on 24-25 January, 2015 shows a decisive lead for the Aam Admi Partry.
 According to this opinion poll,  AAP has 50% vote share, BJP has 41% and Congress 9%.
The BJP vote share declined by 4% after Kiran Bedi was announced as the BJP C.M. candidate.
If this poll is accurate, AAP will have a clear majority in the Delhi Legislative Assembly. It will also be a clear sign that the Modi wave is over, and people have seen through Modi's gimmick of ' vikas', and his popularity is largely over.
 Far from creation of millions of jobs as envisaged by the slogan ' vikas ' ( because of which the Indian youth voted en masse for Modi in the Lok Sabha elections, like children following the Pied Piper of Hamelin ) the latest economic figures reveal that far from vikas, the Indian economy is largely stagnant, particularly the manufacturing sector ( see my articles ' Full of sound and fury signifying nothing ', 'vikas', 'The dream has evaporated', ' Unemployment in India', ' Thumbs Up ', ' Jai Ho', ' The Trickle down theory ',etc on my blog ). One crore youth are entering the job market in India every year, but the number or jobs being created annually in the organized sector of the economy is only 5 lacs. Where will the rest go ? Become street vendors, hawkers, stringers, bouncers, criminals, beggars or suicides ?
   To regain popularity, BJP will have to go back to its real agenda, that is whipping up communal hatred and communal  tensions, instigating communal riots, and stunts like ghar wapasi or construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya ( which will, of course, resolve all the massive economic problems of the country )