Thursday 12 February 2015

The Indian Youth

Many people say that the Indian youth will be able to solve the problems of India.
 I have grave doubts about this. My own opinion is that though Indian youth may be very good in engineering, computers, etc, most of them are politically naive and simpletons ( even the educated ones ),,who are guided by emotion rather than reason, whom any demagogue can take for a ride, and who like children will stupidly follow any Pied Piper of Hamelin who can befool them by selling them a dream, a Sapnon ka Saudagar.
How else can one explain the mass seduction of Indian youth by Modi because of which they voted for him en masse in the Lok Sabha Elections of May, 2014 ?
 I spoke to a large number of youth in India at that time, students of various Universities, engineering colleges etc from across the country,and my estimate is that 80 to 90% of them, cutting through caste and community lines, had become solid Modi supporters. And why ? Obviously because.they were carried away by Modi's slogan ' vikas ' ( development ), which they interpreted to mean creation of millions of jobs for them.
 There was no doubt a contributory cause, which was disgust with the corruption during UPA rule and dynastic politics so brazenly practised by Sonia Gandhi, who arrogantly imagined herself to be an Empress or Czarina whom all Indians must slavishly obey as she was the head of India's 'royal ' family. But the catch word used by Modi was ' vikas '.
 I expressed my reservations to these young folks at that time about the vikas slogan, and about Modi's economic policy, which was really the ' Trickle Down Theory ', about which I have written on facebook and my blog I explained to them that Modi's economic policy may benefit a few big businessmen but it will destroy jobs, rather than creating them ( see my article ' The Party is Over ' and ' The Dream has Evaporated ' on fb and my blog ). But they were just not prepared to listen. They appeared to have been mesmerized by Modi.
 What I told them has now been clearly proved in reality. The economy is at a standstill, manufacturing is stagnant, and lay offs are taking place instead of jobs being created.. The Delhi Assembly election result clearly proves that the youth have now realized that they were taken for a ride by Modi  to get their votes, and have now been left in the lurch. But 'ab pachtaye hot kya, chidiyan chug gayeen khet '.
  So young people of India, now that you have seen through Modi ( there was nothing ever in the man in the first place ) seek some other Pied Piper to follow, some other Sapnon ka Saudagar who will sell you some other dream, like a romantic film, which no doubt you will enjoy.


  1. I think that's the story of every country. People (young or old) are all guided by emotions than reasons. How did Obama win the second time, based on the "Hope" of cheaper healthcare and less taxes for the poor; irrespective of what the country needed.

    Most disgusting I find the people who vote based on Caste. They make leaders like Mayawati and Mulayam win, no matter if they looted taxpayers money or filled the state with their own statues.

    I wouldn't blame young people of India.

  2. Well,I nod in agreement .Your observations are so plausible,forsooth modi is a birdbrain who promised the indian people a castle in air and doesn't posses the prowess to build even a cluttered shack. He and his sang pariwaar a clan of nincompoops who are promoting fascism.

  3. I really cant say for others, but i voted him for a track record of good governance(i didn't had job creation specifically in my mind) - infrastructure development nd corruption free govt. Obviously there were other reasons as well, nd morever, if there was any body else XYZ, i still have voted him in BJP, as that was still far more better nd safer than corruption filled congress and its minority appeassing policies. GODD..I sometimes feel like I am a minority!

  4. Every old people(specially famed like you) think that the younger generation is too naive and how sadly you are mistaken Sir. Your this post about Modi is not based on facts. It was not just the young who voted Modi. Secondly, you mention that all economic parameters are down after Modi took over.Wrong again. See the blog of Wall street journal Coming to Delhi elections, you will not jubiliate so much when you come to know that BJP did not loose its vote share but AAP has won(and what a victory that was!!) largely because Congress and other parties donated their share to AAP kitty and the most secular minority votes landed up in AAP after they ditched Congress. Do not know how long this effect will last ! All in all, the smart youth of the country are on the right track , be it National level or at local level.It is only that people have to catch up with the thinking of the Youth of the country.

  5. I agree with you but wish to add that I have seen even old educated people were also mesmerized by Modi's dodgy propaganda.

  6. yes i agree . youth be awake .who are guided by emotion rather than reason

  7. yes i agree . youth be awake .who are guided by emotion rather than reason

  8. The majority of people , not the youths alone, 'are guided by emotion rather than reason, whom any demagogue can take for a ride, and who like children will stupidly follow any Pied Piper of Hamelin who can befool them by selling them a dream, a Sapnon ka Saudagar'. But it happens in all democratic nations where the people are not so matured and knowledgeable in general. But then what is the way out? I think the people in this case have used their due diligence to clean out some characters who posed as capable leaders but kept on duping them for quite some time. No doubt, they would watch the new players too.