Tuesday 3 February 2015

Waiting for Godot

 When I was in the Allahabad University ( 1963-1967 ) I remember seeing a play called ' Waiting for Godot ' by the Irish playwright Samuel Beckett.
 It is about two characters Vladimir and Estragon who keep standing near a tree waiting for someone called Godot, who never turns up.
 In my opinion the Indian people are like Vladimir and Estragon, while ' vikas ' is like Godot, which will never turn up.
 Hari Om

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  1. If Japan and the Western Europe after World War II could almost rise up from ashes, why can't India make economic progress. Despite having so much of human and natural resources, we are lagging behind. The real reason I feel is becuase there is a lack of clean politics and political will and commitment; less sceintific temper and more religious bigotry.