Sunday 22 February 2015

Aam Admi ki Sarkar

This is a message I got on facebook. I thought i may share it with you all. I have deleted the sender's name

Hello Sir,
I really liked  your posts " AAP workers should be made Special Officers ' ? , 'I Love Lucy' and 'The genii is out of the bottle', for two reasons:
1) All posts are based on solid facts and reasons which are hard to refute even by AAP supporters
 2) Its a constructive criticism as you have warned Kejriwal of controlling these unruly white capped AAP workers, which is very true.

Sir you are absolutely right, when you said every Delhiite wearing a white cap is now considering himself as  the King of Delhi and issuing orders to officials. The officials are also scared of them.

The other day only, one of my affluent neighbors said that he will not pay for his water and electricity bills, falsely claiming that they are inflated, and will seek a reduction from the govt.

 I asked him that despite being well- off why are you not paying the bills honestly, failing which the company will cut-off your connection?

He replied," Ab to Aam Aadmi ki Sarkar hai, ab koi afsar hamaara kuch nahi bigaad sakta."

I am afraid that now the people living in illegal colonies in Delhi ( who are around 40-50 lakhs) will also start doing the same, which seems quite probable, and then the electricity companies will stop  distributing  electricity and close down, plunging Delhi into darkness..


  1. Mr. Justice Katuju,

    I don't have much hope with AAP because the center is run by BJP with full majority. Delhi does not have an independent state and most of its body and functioning is straight in the hands of the center. Second Kejriwal already said he will not spare any troublemaker in the party. He needs to show discipline. It is possible. The same thing happen with PTI in Pakistan where Imran Khan party had initial troubles with the system, later it adjusted well. PTI is ideological or similar to AAP in India. Second what you said that any person can wear white cap and show hooliganism to state officials in Delhi. If you must have lived in Mumbai, the same thing was done by Raj Thackeray party MNS in initial years and Shiv Sena during its initial ruling years. You know hawkers at Dadar station or illegal area. They just had to say I am Shiv Sena men, and no policemen would touch that person. Still Mumbai saw some development. The same happened in Bihar during Lalus rule. What is so new with AAP supporters that within 7 days you saw something wrong. I am not supporter of any political party, but Kajtju Sir you are showing little immaturity and impatience here.

    You must understand India do not have strong state capitalism like China. State capitalism means where state pumps in money in infrastructure, investment, PSU which is efficiently run by state. Here in India because of caste division and vote bank politics and inefficient and most incompetent governance, all public sector unit are loss making factories. They are burden on state units. Ex. Air India, Railways, BALCO, tourism boards are running out of money to maintain monument structure ex Taj Mahal.

    This leaves Indian economy and politicians depending upon industrialist like Ambani to invest and create jobs. State has to depend on these few industrialist who then dictate their terms in policy making and indulge in corruption, manipulation and crony capitalism. To recover the corruption money, these industrialist are allowed to set monopolies ex. Maruti, electricity suppliers. The end public suffers inflation. The cycle is result of inefficient governance because people on board in government are hired via caste quotas who then becomes liability on PSU.

    AAP wants to stop the corruption, but can they break the cycle. It is difficult. At least there is hope. Thackeray in 90's said political parties in India cannot function without corruption and protection money.

    Second in India another issue is politicians are paid less than principal salary in college which brings substandard people in politics who enter this field to spread their business. Countries like Japan and Singapore pays highest salary to politicians so they do not indulge in corruption.

    Coming back to topic, yes many of AAP MLA's is in the party who recently shifted from BJP to AAP. Their main agenda is earning money via corruption.

    This bring back another issue. Unless India gets in rule of law in proper order, anti corruption law, reforms... this will continue. Modi knows his party is same corrupt as Congress, he is deadly quite against corruption after he became PM

  2. Corruption in India is just like drugs and gun problem in USA.. You are in USA? Just study the crime rate in USA... drugs problem, gun problem. High divorce. Divorce cannot be a major social issue, but can you walk alone at night in a quite new york or Detroit street? Ask yourself? Just next to USA is Mexico, count the crime rate there. Kidnapping, drugs, murders, alcohol, depression..... Japan, Singapore Korea have smartly developed their cities where they used modern but strict rules to keep crime under control....

  3. Sir,
    Why dod't you discuss with AK and join him ... This will help this country. You valuable suggestion to AAP will help this party with a difference.