Thursday 12 February 2015

 My previous post ' Indian Youth ' also broadly applies to NRIs. The last time I was in U.S.A. I found that NRIs were solid Modi supporters. It was impossible to talk rationally with them on the issue.
 NRIs have done very well in North America, Europe and Australia, and they have done the country proud. They have dispelled the notion, propagated in a subtle way by our erstwhile British rulers that Indians were a race of fools and savages. NRIs are to quite an extent manning Silicon Valley. They are Professors in Science, Enghineering, Mathematics and Medicine Departments in many American Universities.
 But just because they have done so well in the West has also bred some arrogance in them. Many of them with whom I had earlier talked to conveyed the impression that they alone know the solutions to India's massive problems. I think It is time they get off their high horse.
 NRIs may be very good in science, engineering, medicine, computer science, etc ( which indeed they are ), but they are totally naive, simpletons  and even stupid so far as India's problems are concerned, which is proved by the fact that, like the Indian youth about whom I mentioned in my previous post, they behaved like children following the Pied Piper of Hamelin when it came to Modi.
  Modi's economic policy is broadly the ' Trickle Down Theory ', about which I have written on my blog Modi's supporters presented the Gujarat model as the solution to India's problems.
 But firstly Gujarat is not India ( whatever our Gujjubhais may think ), and secondly Modi's media team cunningly presented a totally distorted image of Gujarat as if benefiting some crony capitalists amounted to benefiting the whole of Gujarat. The poverty in Gujarat, particularly in rural areas ( where farmers are committing suicide ), tribals, dalits, etc was carefully concealed, and the Ahmedabad waterfront on the Sabarmati river was shown as a Potempkin Village.
 The reality today after 9 months of Modi rule is that the Indian economy, particularly the vital manufacturing sector, is stagnant, and lay offs are taking place. So much for 'vikas '. And the Delhi Assembly election has shown that Indian youth have seen through the 'vikas ' slogan, which had given the impression that millions of jobs will be created for them, and found it fake and fraudulent, and feel that they have been left in the lurch by a Sapnon ka Saudagar


  1. i have already said it before - it will be really helpful if u provide links to any references u mention in ur post

  2. Actually NRI's from Gujarat are Antinationals like AJMAL KASAB. They Ran to USA, EUrope and UK despite Gujarat being More developed than USA, EUrope and UK . Such antinationals should be Tried and Punished severly. JAI HIND!!!!

  3. Once they have taken citizenship in countries like USA and Canada, it is better for them to consider aligning themselves to their new adopted country rather than meddling in the politics of the country they had left for good. Perhaps you said it right: 'It is time they get off their high horse'.