Sunday 15 February 2015

To The Lawyers of Madras High Court

I was your Chief Justice, and still retain close affection and regard for you. I got invariable kindness and affection from you when I was your Chief Justice, so much so that I started regarding myself as a Tamilian. Naanum oru Tamilar.

However, your behaviour towards your Chief Justice, Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, has caused me great pain I think your actions are totally unjustified and indefensible.

 From the Madras High Court I had been transferred in October 2005 as Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court, and at that time Justice Kaul was a puisne Judge there. So I was his Chief Justice too, and I know him to be very upright, learned in law, and hard working.

 You are very lucky to get such a good Chief Justice. You should have seen to it that his tenure in Madras High Court was smooth and happy, but the way many of you have behaved is totally unacceptable, and entirely unexpected of lawyers of a High Court with such high traditions which have so distinguished it in the past..

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