Monday 2 February 2015

Criticism is healthy for a person

I really got lambasted on my last post.
 But i can tell you one thing. I will never lie to you.
 You may agree with what I did or disagree, but I will always tell you the truth about what actually happened.
 I repeat what I have said several times : I am not in a popularity or publicity contest. I have often said things which made me very unpopular, but what of that ? I am not contesting an election or seeking your vote. You may follow me or unfollow me, it makes no difference to me.
 I do not claim to be correct all the time. I am sure that sometimes I am wrong, and I value your opinion even when it is critical of my views. I have always an open mind. I welcome criticism ( though not abuse or impertinence ), because unless i am criticized how will I improve ?
 Maybe my view was wrong and your criticism makes me realize my error and correct myself. So please feel free to criticize me. You will be blocked only if you use abusive or impertinent language


  1. Mr Katju, now I respect you more for the above post.

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