Thursday 5 February 2015

The Delhi Elections

I strongly recommend all Delhi voters to vote for the Aam Admi Party in the coming elections for the Delhi Assembly.

Before I give my reasons, I wish to make one thing clear, and this clarification is necessary because some people commented on some of my previous posts asking how much has been given or offered to me by Mr. Kejriwal.
 My answer is : nothing. Nothing has been offered or given to me by him. In fact I have never even met Mr. Kejriwal  in my life. Any one can verify this from Mr. Kejriwal.

 I have studied Mr. Kejriwal ( through the media ), and my opinion about him, which I have expressed earlier also, is that he is an upright man, who genuinely wishes to do good. He was earlier impulsive and impatient, but he has realized his mistakes and has learnt from them.

 As regards the BJP, I have already given my views in my articles ' The Party is Over' and ' Why Delhiites should vote for AAP ' on facebook and my blog
My reasons why Delhi voters should vote for AAP are as follows :

1. As explained in my article ' Why Delhiites should vote for AAP ', Delhi is mainly a city of shopkeepers and traders i.e. small and middle level businessmen. Earlier, the Jan Sangh, which later became the BJP represented these classes, while Congress represented big business. Now Congress has been decimated ( largely due to its own misdeeds ), and now BJP has become the party of big business ( or at least a section of it ), while in Delhi AAP represents small and middle businessmen. So it is in the interests of Delhiites to vote for a party which will represent them.

2. One of the main problems of Delhiites is electricity and water bills, and AAP  is the only party which has shown an inclination to address this issue seriously

3. As regards BJP, everybody now realizes that the slogan of 'vikas' was bluff, illusion and sham rhetoric for winning the votes of the Indian youth who were unemployed, or who had the prospect of unemployment staring at them, and thought that vikas meant creation of millions of jobs for them. Instead, the Indian economy is stagnant, and there are lay offs ( see my articles ' The Party is Over '  and ' The Dream has Evaporated ' on fb and my blog )

4. All that BJP has is hatred of minorities. It pretends to be a party representing Hindus, but that is a sham and a pretence. In fact the BJP leaders have no idea of the great Hindu intellectualism, the real contribution of Hindus in science, literature, law, grammar, etc and instead by substituting falsehood for truth dilute the latter and make us a laughing stock before the whole world ( see my articles ' Mixing the True with the Untrue '  and ' Making us a laughing stock ' on fb and my blog ).

5. As regards Congress, the less said about it the better. During the rule of UPA scam followed scam, and Sonia Gandhi has yet to render accounts about them. As regards Rahul Gandhi, is any comment necessary for this boy ?  .


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  2. Hope Delhi people ll understand it. If Delhi elects BJP then it ll take 50 more years to start another revolution (like 1857). Great points sir.

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  4. great article! basically sums up DelhiElections2015 through an objective third party perspective!

  5. For any healthy democracy, a strong opposition is necessary. Otherwise the ruling dispensation tends to become arrogant and despotic. In this sense AAP has emerged as an alternative and a strong opposition. You rightly said, most of the AAP candidates seems to be honest and with a committment. If they deliver then they have a future. As regards to Rahul Gandhi, following his recent roadshows and speeches, he seems to have matured a little bit. But no match for Kejriwal

  6. आप सिर्फ वोट करने की अपील कर सकते हैं, किसी के पक्ष में वोट करने की अपील नहीं। आप देश के मुख्य न्यायाधीश रहे हैं, उम्मीद हैं। आप मेरे प्वॉंइट को समझेंगे

  7. The article was really impressive. Hope it will open the eyes of the Delhi voters.
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  8. I am not a Dilliwala and therefore on the face of it, I should not have responded to this. However, being a person who had stayed and visited the national capital on many occasions and being an Indian, I think I should express some of my views.
    Time has come now that Delhi should be made as a city state with full powers. Without the powers of law and order and policing under its control, the Delhi state cannot ensure safety of its non-VIP and poor citizens. So, Mr Kejriwal is fully right in demanding that. Even if he wins, unmindful centre-state politics played with the full support of the clever Delhi Police administration could make him a laughing stock, just as what had happened earlier. From the view point of any unbiased Indian citizen, one of the problems of India is the rotten colonial administrative culture of Delhi. If India needs to progress, it needs to have a new unbiased capital newly created artificially in some central geographic location, similar to say Chandigarh. It should be fully planned and should have only pre determined infrastructure and housing only for the working functionaries of the government and its support organizations. No one should be allowed to own any private property in this national capital zone and its security should vest with the central government. This way, India could free itself from the vested interests that spoil the country's efforts to progress equitably for all.
    No doubt, Mr Kejriwal is indeed an honest activist for the social causes that he feels as important. If the Delhi people elect him and his party to form the next government, it would be indeed be a signal to all other major political parties to learn certain ground realities of Delhi, whether he could perform or not!

  9. If Kejriwal comes into power. Delhi will be like this --
    - Electricity bills will become Half , but when summer comes u will get 12 hours electricity.
    - free water for every one. but it will reach you in tankers
    - very tight secuirty that whole city will shutdown before 10 pm.
    - All unauthorise colony will become authorise , gov will have no money to do development in those areas.

    having good intension is not only thing require to become Good party. you should also be pratical in thinking. AAP still needs to learn a lot.