Sunday 15 February 2015

Indian political leaders

We are astonished at reading that the ancient Egyptians set upon the throne a stone which they called a king. Well, such a monarch was less absurd and less mischievous  than the Indian political leaders of today. At least the stone deceived no one. None supposed that it possessed character or qualities. The Egyptians did not call the stone a leader, and yet it would have been scarcely more ridiculous than to give such a title to a rascal or blockhead. A dumb idol is better than one animate.
  The Roman Emperor Caligula appointed his favourite horse Incitatus a consul, who was ' attended  ' to by servants, and who ' invited' dignitaries to dinner.
 The Indian people, who are sovereign under the Indian Constitution, have elected asses and knaves to be their Ministers and legislators.
  Jai Ho !


  1. Nice Article sir, Keep Going on... I am really impressed by read this. Thanks for sharing with us. UPSC.

  2. Sir, ur articles depicts criticism but sir we need leaders why nt u try to be in politics n do good to the people

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