Tuesday 10 February 2015

The Delhi Elections

 Out of the 70 seats in the Delhi Legislative Assembly, the Aam Admi party is leading in 64, with both BJP and Congress decimated. I had predicted 45-50 seats for AAP, but certainly not 64.

The problems for Mr. Kejriwal and AAP will begin now.

 I have no doubt that Mr. Kejriwal is personally an honest person, and intends to do good.However I am sceptical about how much he can do, and that for the following reasons :

1. The whole system in India has become so rotten that I doubt that it can be repaired by anyone, however well meaning.. Politicians can prepare all kinds of schemes and policies, but it is the bureaucrats who have to implement them, and unfortunately the bureaucracy in India, from top to bottom, has largely become corrupt. So even the best schemes usually end up as another source of making illegal money.

2.Mr. Kejriwal may be personally honest, but are all other MLAs and partymen of AAP also the same ?

3. How will Mr. Kejriwal solve the massive problems of price rise, unemployment, malnutrition, healthcare,etc ? I have grave doubts whether he has a solution to any of these problems. They certainly cannot be solved by sitting on a dharna.

 I personally believe that the solutions to India's massive problems lie outside the system, and Kejriwal is within the system

  However, since AAP has just now been elected let us give them a chance and see their performance, though with fingers crossed


  1. Sir, there is no doubt that the pertinent issues you have raised are extremely difficult to counter, but there is a sense of pessimism in your article, which is equally frightening as the problems themselves. Between fake optimism and cynical pessimism there is window called HOPE which probably keeps the things moving.

    1. You are perfectly correct. I feel very sad when I read such type of articles from a person of such a stature like Mr Katju. Mr Katju sarcastic comment about "dharna" is certainly unwarranted and is in bad taste.

  2. And yes about your second opinion I am completely agree.

    The name is the Aam Aadmi Party, but of its 67 newly-elected MLAs, 41 of them are crorepatis and 23 have criminal cases against them.
    Election watch dog ADR stated that out of the total 70 newly-elected MLAs of Delhi, 44 of them are crorepatis out which, 41 are from the AAP and 24 have criminal cases pending against them.

    here is the news of the matter

    so if arvind kejriwal is a honest so he will never give tickets to those just because for money.

  3. Isn't the criminal cases against MLAs a grave concern?
    Crorepati MLAs in Aam Aadmi P? Oh!
    How an Honest party convener can give tickets to the alleged criminals? Must believe.

    The article does not denote any pessimism but is based purely on facts [Justice Katju may consider reviving his opinion 'Honest' about the Party convener after going through the Indian Express news].

    And the solution to any problem always lies within the system and never outside.
    Yes. It is time to see how these alleged criminals and crorepati MLAs will perform, though fingers crossed.