Wednesday 25 February 2015

Is there a God ?

 Many comments have been made on my previous post asking me why I say there is no God ? Here is my answer :

 (1) Religion believes that there is a supernatural being called God who is permanent, immortal, all powerful and good. Science does not believe in any supernatural beings, and does not regard anything as permanent or immortal. According to science the only reality is matter, which is in motion in accordance with certain laws which can be discovered by scientific research.

 (2) To the question who created matter the answer is that nobody created it. Matter always existed, though it may change its forms. Matter came out of matter. If we insist that there has to be a Creator, then the question arises : who created the Creator ? This is known in logic as the fallacy of the infinite regress

(3) Science does not claim to know the answers to all questions. But science is developing constantly. Many things which were unknown earlier are known today, thanks to scientific research. Earlier men believed that small pox is a goddess ( mata ) whose anger has to be propitiated. Today, due to scientific research, we know that it is due to a virus and can be prevented by vaccination. Earlier, tuberculosis, leprosy, etc were regarded as incurable diseases, now, thanks to scientific discoveries, cures have been discovered. Earlier we did not know how to harness electricity and atomic ( fission ) energy, now we have learnt how to do it.

 There are many things we still do not know, though scientific research is going on e.g. cure for cancer, and harnessing fusion energy. But the answers may be found in future.

 (4 ) If there is a God, why do millions of innocent children all over the world suffer of hunger, malnutrition, lack of clothes, medicine, good education and proper homes. If God is good and all powerful, why does he not give food, clothes,proper  homes,etc to the children deprived of them ?

(5) It is said that some scientists believe or believed in god. That is true. But it only proves that scientific and unscientific ideas can co-exist in the same person, and the struggle between the scientific and unscientific outlook is still going on.


  1. God tells me it would be good to have a discussion with you about this. But God is willing to wait. Cheers.

  2. It is important to.neither believe nor disbelieve the existence of God to be able to explore. If we conclude God doesn't exist, how do we explore? Spiritual processes allow us to explore this. Have we pursued that path so far to conclude? People have spent their lifetimes on a spiritual journey studying this; many got the answer and many didn't. But those who pursued the journey did so with an open mind.

    Aman Sharma
    Twitter : @amancool5

    1. Check this 9 minute video. An interesting anecdote about Gautam Buddha on the subject 😊

  3. There is no better book than The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo that explains the existence of God in relation to the world. [TNM55]

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    1. There was an article in the Hindu disproving the miracle. The author quoted the words of Diderot : Men will not be free until the last king is strangulated with the intestine of the last priest." An apt quote!