Sunday 22 February 2015

The 95%

I regard my post ' Robespierre ' as one of the best I have ever written ( see on my fb page and on my blog ).
 To write that post required a tremendous amount of effort.  I had to search for and borrow half a dozen books on the French Revolution, including a couple of biographies on Robespierre, from the Fremont library, which I took home. Then it took me 2 or 3 days intense study to carefully go through those books. Thereafter I spent about 5-6 hours writing that post, correcting it again and again so as to perfect it and then present it to the readers.
 But what was the upshot ? There were just 18 comments on that post, half of which were frivolous or not pertaining to the topic ( some of them being so stupid that I deleted them )
 In contrast, there were literally hundreds of comments on my 3 posts on the Burari police station incident in which there was a scuffle between AAP MLAs and workers and the police.
 This just shows the superficiality in most people, and bears out my 90% ( or is it 95% ? ) comment. Most people in India either do not have brains or do not wish to apply them to serious matters, and only relish mirch masala.
 Hari Om !

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