Wednesday 11 February 2015

Corruption and Kejriwal
I submit that corruption is so deeply entrenched at every level in India that Arvind Kejriwal has to make one of two choices : ( 1) Either he must forget about corruption and turn a Nelson's eye to it, or pay only lip service to it, catching a few small fries here and there, while ignoring the large sharks and the crocodiles, in which case he may survive for some time or (2) he really and seriously tries to root out corruption, in which case he will break his head hitting a wall, making so many enemies that they will gang up against him and destroy him very soon
 I submit that corruption is inherent in the transition period India is passing through, and will be substantially reduced only after 15-20 years when the transition period will be substantially over
I have given my reasons in an article I wrote some time back during Anna Hazare's agitation when many people thought that by shouting and screaming corruption can be abolished.
 I know I am pouring cold water on the revellers in the party and celebrations after the sweeping victory of AAP in the Delhi Elections, but conditions in the country are too critical to simply exchange pleasantries and avoid realities. The truth is often harsh, but nevertheless it must be told.


  1. While I agree to a certain extent with your statement but I strongly disagree with some aspects of your pessimistic opinion and with your understanding of the current situation.
    You seem to imply that:

    1. Corruption is an essential ingredient of the process of transition and;

    2. People joining the Anna Hazare's anti corruption movement "thought" that by shouting and screaming corruption can be abolished.

    I find it difficult to understand that what is the basis of your above mentioned claims and how can you claim that people joining the Anna Hazare's anti corruption movement “thought” (my emphasis) that by shouting and screaming corruption can be abolished?

    Every intelligent person understands that corruption could not be abolished by shouting or screaming against it. By shouting and screaming one expresses his revulsion against corruption and also encourages others to join against it.

    One cannot make honest or corrupt society without the participation of people. If more people can be encouraged to be honest, it will help in creating an atmosphere and fertile ground where anti corruption tendencies could be nurtured. Your article tends to rely upon the realities and promotes hopelessness at least for 15 to 20 years. You have failed to understand the importance of shouting and screaming in the process of progress towards the anti corruption movement. It is this process inter-alia which has helped AAP to garner public support to gain a position of power where it can make a substantial difference.

    AAP is an anti corruption movement and I am confident that Arvind Kejriwal would tactically steer this movement to it success. While I agree that there are many sharks and crocodiles who would try to defend themselves but that does not mean that they would be successful. One has to just outflank them and I am hopeful that AAP would eventually succeed in doing so, if it acts smartly. I rely upon the collective leadership of AAP not merely on Arvind Kejriwal. Moreover, in India lot of people shout and scream and spend their time and money in the process of following their religions. If some other people do the same ie (shout and scream and spend their time and money) for anti corruption purposes there is no harm in doing so. But even if you are correct, I think it is better to promote hopefulness rather than hopeless.

  2. The practical approach that the new Govt. necessarily needs to adopt must pass through many tests and tribulations. However, introspection and indomitable courage would be the tools that the new Govt. should fall back upon while walking on the razor’s edge. Every effort in right direction by the new Govt. must be encouraged by one and all to keep alive a ray of hope that many in this country are looking at. Sincere efforts in Governance are bound to pave the way for brighter future, whether getting noticed today or not.