Monday 9 February 2015

Vive La Revolucion Francais !
Long Live the French Revolution

La Marseillaise
After the French Revolution started in 1789 several European powers like England, Austria, Prussia, Holland and Spain ganged up in a Coalition against France which had proclaimed the then revolutionary ideas of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and later of a Republican form of government, which appeared to threaten these monarchies and the feudal order.
 Consequently, these Coalition countries invaded France in 1792, to snuff out the Revolution, and there was a real danger that France would be conquered and enslaved..
 In this critical hour the Mayor of Strasburg asked Rouget de Lisle, an army officer, to write and compose a patriotic song to rally French soldiers and calling for mobilization of all French citizens to fight against tyranny and foreign invasion.
 The song which Rouget de Lisle wrote was initially known as the War Song of the Army of the Rhine, but it later caught on, became known as La Marseillaise, went through numerous editions, and soon became the song of the French Revolution, sung by soldiers going to the front, at official functions,performances, festivals, and in schools.
 With this patriotic spirit Frenchmen repulsed the foreign invasion at the battle of Valmy.
 One of my favourite studies in history is the French Revolution, whose ardent admirer I am.
 Today in India we need the same patriotic spirit

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