Sunday 15 February 2015

Our ' Baba-bound ' society

Read the biography of Rasputin by Joseph T. Fuhrmann.

 Rasputin was an uneducated but cunning charlatan and rascal from Siberia who, posing as a holy monk, ingratiated himself with Nicholas the Second, the last  Czar of Russia ( who abdicated in 1917 ) and his wife Czarina Alexandra. by ostensibly claiming the power to heal the Czarevitch Alexis, their young son who suffered from hemophilia. As a result he became so powerful that by using his influence, particularly on the Czarina, he could even get Ministers and Generals appointed in Russia.
 In India we have not one but dozens of Rasputins. Perhaps every top politician in India, and even those lower down, have their Rasputins, their 'Godmen' or astrologer from whom they seek 'spiritual' ( and worldly ) guidance.

 I have often described India as a ' baba bound ' society. There are all kinds of 'babas' in India, so called 'holy' men who deceive our credulous and gullible countrymen---there is a baba who prescribes samosas and pakodas for people having matrimonial disputes, there is a computer baba, a baba who is a rockstar, one who had a sizeable quantity of weapons in his 'ashram', and one who is in jail. Most of them have large followings.,
 Hari Om !


  1. Dear Justice Katju

    There are Good Hindu Babas & Bad Hindu Babas & Ignorant Hindu Babas. There is NO Vatican Pope like Middle Men having a Hotline with Jesus in Hinduism. There ONLY exist Direct Connection between Devotees/Spiritual/Devout Hindus & their Hindu Gods & Goddesses. Hindus Respect & Revere Holy Spiritual Sadhus, Rishis, Munis, Yogis, Sants & Sanyasis. But Hindus DO NOT Worship Holy Men. There is a difference between Respect & Worship.

    Hindu Holy Men / Babas (It is for People to Decide who are Genuine & Who are Not) are NATURAL SOLACE & SPIRITUAL GUIDERS for Hindus.

    West & Vatican Funded Christian Church Missionaries Convert People by Spreading Hate & British Distorted History (LIES of British for Divide/Rule/Loot/Convert Agenda) - Saudi/UAE Funded Islamic Muslim Mullahs Convert through Deceptive Methods & Inducements just like Missionaries.

    Hindu Sadhus DO NOT Spit Venom or Spread Hatred. But Missionaries & Mullahs does it 24X7 / 365 Days a Year. Christian Conversion & Muslim COnversion leads to ISLAMIC-CHRISTIAN Imperialism in Bharat & FOREIGN RULE of Arabs/Whites in Hindustan. Even Dr Ambedkar Warned Indians about Christian/Ilslamic Conversions leading to Foreign Rule over India.

    Communists who are supposed to be Godless Atheists ONLY have problem with HIndu Holy Men & Hinduism. But NEVER Criticize or Malign Christianity & Islam. Indian Communists Act as Benami Front for Missionaries & Mullahs. Communists first De-Link '& Disconnect People from their Cultural/Religious Roots with Atheism, then these Church Missionaries & Mullahs Reconnect this Rootless Vulnerable Mind with Christianity or Islam.

    Christianity & Islam are Two Aggressive Intolerant Proselytizing Political Geographical Expansionist Ideologies DISGUISED as Religion/Faith.

    Sadhus/Babas/Sants/Yogis/Munis/Rishis & all such Spiritual Holy Men are Part of this Ancient Bharatiya Hindustani Civilization & Hindus are Strongly Inclined & Connected with them for Spiritual Solace which No Amount of Propaganda or Lies or Distortions by Forces Inimical to Hindus & Hindustan can Break.

    1. "Hindu Sadhus DO NOT Spit Venom or Spread Hatred". What a joke. Yogi Adityanad, Praveen Togadia, Ashok Singhal, Sakhi Maharaj, Satwi Niranjan..... co. are preaching communal harmony and peace. You have a wrong idea of Pope. First, learn facts and then try to be honest with yourself

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