Thursday 12 February 2015

An Indian Tale

A tiger was the king of a jungle, being always elected by the animals in the jungle, as he was the sole candidate ( all others being scared to contest against him ).
 But in the new election a monkey courageously contested for the post.
 The animals of the jungle came to the monkey and asked him what he would do for them if they vote for him. He replied that if he wins will go here and there. The animals thought that the monkey meant that if he wins he will do vikas ( development ) for them. So they voted for him, and he won.
 At this the tiger became furious and he caught hold of a fawn ( baby deer ) and said " I will eat you "
 The fawn's mother came running to the tiger and asked why he wanted to eat her fawn. The tiger replied  " Because you did not vote for me ":
 The mother deer then ran to the monkey who had become the king of the jungle, and asked him to save her fawn.
 The monkey, who was swinging from branch to branch on some trees, said " My election promise was that if elected I will go here and there. So I am swinging from one branch to another. I never promised to save your child. "
 Readers, you may draw whatever moral from the above story as you wish.


  1. sir I tried every current political scenario but unable to find the "Tiger".

  2. The tiger appears very gentle from its appearance and no one ever think that it would ever eat the baby deer! But the monkey knows it, but cannot help out!